7 Oblique Exercises to Target Your Love Handles

When it comes to getting rid of love handles, you’ll want to skip the waist training trend. More often than not, whittling your middle comes down to better nutrition paired with ab exercises that target the obliques. CeCe Marizu, Daily Burn 365 trainer, says, “It’s important to build up both your internal and external obliques […]

6 Killer Cardio Workouts That Don’t Involve Running

Sure, running is a great workout to have as a part of your cardio repertoire — it’s not only a great way to get fitter, but it improves your mental wellbeing, too. (Read one woman’s story about how running saved her life.) But it’s not right for everyone, and more importantly, running is not the […]

HIIT It Hard with These 27 Beginner Workouts and Tips

Think of high-intensity interval training (aka HIIT workouts) — where you alternate short bursts of intense exercise and active recovery time — as the workout gift that keeps on giving. First, it’s designed to burn more calories and fat in less time, giving you that excuse-squashing way to squeeze in a sweat. Then, it revs […]

15 Home Workouts from the Fittest Trainers We Know

You’re traveling. You had a bad day at work. You’re beyond busy. It’s snowing outside. While these might sound like perfectly good reasons to take a rest day, leave it to trainers to find a way to push through. And deep down, you know you’ll be missing out on those health-boosting, feel-good vibes, too. Their […]

5 Plank Variations to Get Hardcore Abs

Planking in strange places might have been a social media fad of the mid 2000s, but doing plank exercises for abs as a means of strengthening your core? That’s here to stay. The trend did have one thing right — in order to perfect the plank, you need full-body engagement to create stiff-as-a-board stability. But […]

9 Ways to Torch Your Core in Every Workout

At the core of every movement is just that: your core. And while lots of times “core” and “abs” become synonymous, it’s not 100% correct to use them interchangeably. Your rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus and obliques do comprise your midsection, but those aren’t the only muscles involved. Your back, hips and glutes also provide that […]